Are there fittings?

Yes. Fittings are done locally. Once the order has been approved, arrangements will be made between the customer and Stephanie Woe. Out-of-town customers will receive a size chart via email. 

How much will my costume cost?

All costumes start at a minimum of $100. The average costume ranges from $100-$400 depending on appliqués, feathers, hand sewing etc.  Couture costumes are defined by design and begin at $200. They involve more specialized fabrics, hand sewing, high-end detailing and unique pieces. Couture costumes will require additional fittings, extra sewing time and extensive attention to details.  Rhinestones and their application can be provided at an additional cost determined by fabric coverage, spacing and quantity of rhinestones desired.  

How do I get measured?

A size chart and measurement form will be emailed to you and needs to be completed before we can proceed. Local customers can make an appointment to be measured in person.

How long will it take to make my costume?

Costumes will take 4-6 weeks to be completed. However, costumes can be expedited for an additional fee.

Will I see a drawing/design of my costume?

Yes. Stephanie Woe will send a design(s) to you for approval, revisions, and concerns before we begin creating your costume.

Am I filling out this order form correctly?

Yes you are :) Should we need more information...we'll contact you! We hope you have a great day!